Gatherings – COVID-19 Guidelines

We monitor the active Covid-19 cases (including all known variants) in Williamson Co. The vaccination rate for adults in attendance at Luminous is over 80%, and is close to 68% for Williamson Co* (21+ yrs of age).

Here are the updated guidelines:

  • For indoor gatherings: Masks are recommended for those who have not or cannot be vaccinated. It is recommended to continue to wear a mask when interacting with other people to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus.¬†Wearing masks is most important when social distancing is difficult.
  • Luminous KiDS, childcare, and Luminous Students are all available.

During the Peace, you may do this according to your level of comfort, as well as the comfort of those around you.

Masks are no longer required, but you are welcome to continue to wear one.

If you or anyone in your home has a fever, any COVID-like symptoms, or have been in close proximity to someone with COVID-19, it would be best to remain home. Thank you for your patience, attention, and willingness to be good neighbors.