The Examen of Consciousness is a simple prayer directed toward developing a spiritual sensitivity to the ways God approaches, invites, and calls.

Assume a posture of stillness & reverent relaxation

  • Recall that you are in the presence of God
  • Thank God for blessings and provision
  • Examine how you have lived the day
  • Confess and ask God for forgiveness
  • Resolve and offer a prayer of hopeful recommitment


Resolve posture of stillness & reverent relaxation

It is important that you feel free to structure the Examen in a way that is personally most helpful. There is no right way to do it; nor is there a need to go through all of the five points each time. You may, for instance, find yourself spending the entire time on only one or two points. The basic rule is: Go wherever the Spirit draws you. And this touches upon an important point: the Examen of Consciousness is primarily a time of prayer and meditation; it is a “being with God.” It focuses on our consciousness of holy communion.